“List of 11” ~ a social experiment

“List of 11” blog by Jacqualine Haller 

On January 1st of 2018, I sat down in my favorite part of my home where I’m always most inspired (famously known as “my perch” to close friends and colleagues).  While on my perch, I wrote an email to myself. I listed 11 things, experiences or energies that I wanted to happen or have cleared up, feelings I wanted to have manifested and in general, what I wanted to see happen by the end of this year. Before I go to sleep each night, with purpose, feeling and mindfulness, I read each of the 11 points to myself in an effort to experience what it would feel like to have all 11 come true.

Why 11? Well, when you add up the numbers of 2018 (2+0+1+8) it equals 11. And without getting into too much numerology, 1’s carry a powerful vibration.

The idea and experiment being that our thoughts manifest into reality.

If we were to choose our thoughts more wisely and with purpose and intent, and only spend a short minute reading them to ourselves each night before we fall asleep (or whenever you get a moment to yourself), what could potentially happen in 365 days? We are going to find out!

Now, why the social experiment?

One evening I was having dinner with some dear friends, and I invited them to participate in this with me. We would not share with each other what we had written, as that somehow removes the energy behind it. But that we would agree at the end of this year to come together again, and read out what we had written to ourselves, to each other, checking off what had actually manifested.

I mean after all, if we aren’t manifesting, what are we really doing with our time and our lives?

I then shared it with my yogic friends and also brought it to my office team as a social experiment for those who wanted to participate. Their #listofeleven now safely tucked away in a private container in my office.

Very different from making a New Year’s resolution!

I am sharing this social experiment with everyone here. Possibly you would like to participate. It is completely a personal choice. However, to some degree we are all living the lives that we have thought or dreamed for ourselves in some capacity or another, and so if that is possible in the now, I can’t help but wonder what is possible when we actually make it a daily practice.

It is simple. Write an email to yourself or put it down on a piece of paper and list 11-things you want and the way those things are going to feel when they arrive, or possibly why you want them. Then spend a short minute every day reading and feeling those things you wrote. At the end of this year, see what happens!

After all, why not? What else are we doing with our thoughts and our lives if not making our deepest dreams come true.

~ Jacqualine (Jaya)

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