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Jacqualine Haller

Setting Measurable Goals:

Independent Candidate for Prime Minister of Canada 2025.

For those who have read my book: “Pilgrimage for an OM” ~ you already know that it walks the reader through my educational and professional choices in life.

In a recent newsletter, I announced that I was seeking the Prime Ministership of Canada in the next election.

For those non-Canadians reading this, it is typically a 4-year term.

As I listen to fellow Canadians of all ages and backgrounds converse with each other about the issues they are most frustrated with, they mirror my own.

It is not my goal to make campaign promises.

I want to speak clearly and openly on what issues can reasonably be addressed in a short 4-year term, while also understanding and appreciating that there are many more concerns to address.

Jacqualine Haller for Prime Minister of Canada
~ 2025
Campaign Platform:

1. Free Public Post-Secondary Education:

With the astronomical cost of living in Canada and rising food costs, parents and students alike are more concerned then ever before on how they will cover public post-secondary education tuition costs, which ultimately leads to more student (or parent) debt. If you travel, you already know that there are many examples around the world where countries cover the cost of public post-secondary education for its citizens in exchange for time back. A model like this would benefit of all Canadians.

How do we change the outdated Canadian education system while ensuring the longevity of our professional and medical standards?

We achieve this by building a team of students, professors, medical professionals, accountants and lawyers

~ the very best Canada has to offer ~

to complete a study on behalf of all Canadians and to begin the implementation of free public post-secondary education standards across Canada. In exchange for tuition expenses covered, we ensure the longevity of our excellent education standards and system. Covering tuition costs will ensure our trained Canadian professionals give back to their countrymen for the betterment and long-term care of all Canadians.

2. High-speed electric trains to connect Canadians and attract tourism revenue:

Canada is an incredibly beautiful country, each province boasting its own unique offerings to explore. From the rocky mountains to the peaceful prairies, the beautiful landscape of Ontario and Quebec or the charm of the east coast – there is a lot to enjoy. The problem is that we do not offer high speed electric trains across Canada as a cost-effective means of getting people around, attracting tourism revenue to help ease the GST burden. In fact, many Canadians have never left their province because they cannot afford to. Imagine never getting to see the country you helped build. There are many countries around the world that are connected through high-speed electric trains. If you travel, you already know this. Trains not only allow their citizens to move around easily, but they also create purposeful jobs, attract tourism revenue, and considers the environment by taking more vehicles off the roads. We do not need more carbon tax in Canada. We need to start thinking about long-term goals for all Canadians and future Canadians. It is our job to take care of future generations. I am always speaking about “ancillary tax revenue” – and we find it here.

3. Stimulating our Economy:

Like many Canadians, I have been hurt financially with high inflation, the housing crisis and the general uncertainty around the future of my country. It is disheartening when we see young professionals leaving Canada because they cannot live on what they make, and some are making incredibly healthy salaries.

How can we re-direct this?

The solution is in finding creative ways to re-distribute tax revenue and determine where spending can be shifted. My goal is to ~ by 1% each year ~ relieve Canadians of the burden the GST has placed on everyone to help stimulate our economy. For those of my generation and older, you will remember that It was originally promised to be a temporary tax. This will need to happen slowly, but with strategic planning and open communication with Canadians, it can be achieved.

4. Universal Basic Income:

It is an embarrassment to all Canadians that in 2024 we have a homeless (unhoused) crisis on our hands. Being a 5th generation Canadian and having lived in 5-provinces (so-far), I find it a national embarrassment that tourists and visitors see homelessness when they visit us. What about women who are living in abusive relationships who have no means of leaving? What about single parents who are struggling to feed their families? What about students who are trying to make ends meet who cannot live at home? What about those who lose their jobs when the large corporations they work for shut down operations?

I believe everyone should have a basic level of living. Everyone deserves a floor to stand on. For those who have the drive to do more for themselves, those people always will pursue better. A basic level of support keeps everyone on a level playing field, ensuring every Canadian can feed themselves, provide a home for their family and freedom for their own well-being should they need it. Yes, Canadians love to work and contribute to their society and economy. Providing a basic universal income helps us solve many outdated social programs and provides dignity to all Canadians.

Being Canadian means something.

We are the example to the rest of the world how it can and how it does work.

If you would like me to speak with your group or organization, if you would like to be a Campaign Volunteer and/or if you would like to make a campaign donation, please email:

Campaign donations can be e-transferred to:

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Thank you,

~ Jacqualine Haller

The Prime Minister of Canada is not a job. It is a service.

Interested in reading more?….

I am the person (and voice) behind Jaya Meditation training courses and Mindfulness Leadership consulting programs ~ which is a marriage of my 21-year corporate background, 17-years of leadership experience and managing large teams, and training. I have been practicing, facilitating and guiding others in yoga, meditation and mindfulness for over 20-years. 

I am also the visionary behind “The Global OM Movement” – co-creating an album together of everyone’s collective OM (AUM). I am the founder of the be generous club ~ le club soyez genereux, a non-profit organization celebrating the act of cooking in our own kitchens and sharing what we made with those in need, with other passionate people from around the world. This could be for someone sleeping on the street, or possibly sharing a meal with a neighbour, someone who lives in your condo or anyone who is needing a warm meal made with love. It is important to know our neighbours and community. Why is that important? Why does it matter? Well, when we experience world events that create feelings of uncertainty, it is helpful to know who you can turn to and who in your community can assist. Sharing food builds connection between people and culture; all good and important things. 

About the books…

On February 22, 2022 – (yes, that was the big 2.22.22 day everyone was talking about) I published my 4th book titled: “You woke me up to see the Moon” – 112 Reflections of the Heart. Gold nuggets of wisdom for a world in turmoil. This book is a collection of affirmations that come from inspired moments in life. I hope as readers make their way through it, they find what is resting deep within their hearts – the messages that are waiting there for them. May it provide you deep contemplation, reflection and understanding. 

The year previously, I published my 1st children’s book titled: “Love You to the Stars and Back” .  I wrote this book after losing my dad to ALS on March 25, 2021. I had never written a children’s book before this one, and I don’t have children of my own. This book is inspired by my family’s true story. In “Love You to the Stars and Back”, I write about an experience I watched unfold while visiting my dad in the hospital during the final months of his time in this physical form. Follow the story of my 4-year-old niece, who loved her Grandpa very much. Over time, Grandpa John gets sick and must go to the hospital to be taken care of by the doctors and nurses. This book is written to help explain where Grandpa eventually went, in a gentle, simple way for younger children (2-5 years of age) to understand.

To my surprise, the little family-story book was needed more then I realized. I have received many beautiful messages from families who were going through what my family had just been through.On the heels of that and in the fall of 2021, I published my 2nd children’s book titled: “Grandpa John and Uncle Peter” – This is the story of 2 little brothers (my dad and my uncle when they were little boys) from a small village in rural Saskatchewan Canada. Follow along in their adventure as they experience being apart when Grandpa John goes to school for the very first time.

“Grandpa John and Uncle Peter” teaches children (and adults) that sharing feels good and is rewarding. It teaches them that taking care and watching out for each other is important. It teaches them that detours in life can be fun because they lead us to new experiences. It reminds us how important it is to be there for your family and that it is okay to feel sad sometimes. Sadness it isn’t permanent. 

The very first book I wrote is titled: “Pilgrimage for an OM ~ An Adventure in Trusting Your Gut.” This book is about my own personal journey with yoga and meditation, and how it helped me navigate life events and the corporate world. Order it in color if you can, as there are photos in the back of the book.

Jacqualine Haller 

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The Global OM Movement ~ co-creating a meditation album of our collective OM (AUM) with voices from around the world.

the be generous club ~ a non-profit organization celebrating the act of giving with other passionate people from around the world. Join the club and start cooking!

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