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“Time Capsule in a Vase”

This series is available for showings. 

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~ Jacqualine xo 


Art was always a class I did well in, but I never pursued it after I graduated high school. Now, it has become a significant part of my life since I started painting again in the summer of 2022. It began with acrylic paint on smaller sized canvases and has graduated to designer oil paints and experimenting with different mediums on larger canvases. 

The evolution continues…

When life takes experiences away (the path we thought we were supposed to be on), it then creates space for the new to enter. There truly was nothing like the chaos of the pandemic to move life around at enormous speeds. If you take anything away from reading this – try not to resist change too-too much. I know it can be challenging at first because we like repetition in life and routine is healthy. But change is incredibly healthy too. When we let go of the ideas we have about how life is supposed to go and what life experiences we might be adamant on having, we open up to incredible possibility. And just like that, the Universe (or whatever you are most comfortable calling it) rushes in with a change in direction you could have never seen coming. Being flexible and open to change can lead you in the direction of your destiny. 

However, it will require deep faith and trust on your part. 

Having some version of practice, whether that be meditation, yoga, mindfulness (which is different than meditation) using the breath on-purpose (pranayam) or whatever healthy practice you have to keep you grounded, all helps us navigate incredible amounts of change in a way that will have you sailing towards the experiences and dreams you possibly have placed on a shelf somewhere in your mind. 

You first need to become quiet enough (and still enough) to listen to the subtle intuition we are all born with. And while I do not know anyone who hits the intuitive -listening mark 100% of the time (myself included), it is enjoyable to work towards that. We are all born with this incredible tool to help us navigate the world and our life experiences, and it is almost a shame not to use it to the best of our ability. We also need to be gentle with ourselves for the times we have not listened to it. This is why all of this is called: “practice.”

Now, that is not to say that our life-paths aren’t uncomfortable or bumpy at times. But when I look back at the speed-bumps in my own life, while challenging or uncomfortable at the time, I have nothing but gratitude for all the life lessons because those life lessons have led me to this version of “now.” And while in my experience there is no perfection in any single given moment, we learn to appreciate those imperfections because nobody wants perfect. We may think we do, but we really don’t. In fact, I must have a little imperfection in my paintings. I find that if it is too “perfect-looking” – it lacks depth. (this is my opinion, of course). 

As I continue to paint, I realize that my so-called mistakes are hidden with a beauty that is waiting to be revealed. My biggest mistakes have turned into my most favorite pieces. 

Meditation is not only about sitting quietly in a space of no-mind (although it is that too). Mindfulness and enjoying the human experience is something that evolves over time and into the new, and I feel blessed to experience this through painting. 

Be brave. I already love you for it.

~ Jacqualine xo 

I have created Instagram reels (to music) for some of these pieces. These videos can be viewed on my Instagram handle at @jacqualine.haller


The 14-piece “Imaginary Passion” series is shown below.

The paintings are acrylic on 10″ x 10″ canvas and are shown as a series.

They go together, and it would be unfortunate to separate them.