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You woke me up to see the Moon

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“You woke me up to see the Moon” ~ 112 Reflections of the Heart

Have you ever had one of those nights where after you fell asleep, you struggled to stay asleep?

This was a night like any other. I had crawled into bed and fell asleep. There was nothing special or different about this evening. There was nothing unusual about it. Many restful hours had passed and as the night made its way into the early hours of morning, I started to struggle to remain asleep. After some listless thought about whether I should turn over and wake up or not, I decided to give into my unrest. I fussed with the layers of bed sheets, a quilt, and a blanket, and turned over. And there it was.

Before me was the brightest full moon beaming down on me through my bedroom window. It was exceptional.

This book is a collection of the reflections that come from these whimsical moments in life.

I hope you find beauty in the words written here.