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The Global OM Movement




Would you like to contribute the sound of your OM (AUM) to the next Jaya Meditation recording?

There is still time!

Now it is your turn!

Anyone can submit the sound recording of their OM (AUM) and be a part of The GLOBAL OM Movement and the next Jaya Meditation Album!

Participate on your own! Or, gather your family and friends! Gather your colleagues at work! Get together as a business or company! Gather fellow students at your local yoga studio, chant AUM together and submit the sounds of your voices in unison!

You can contribute, no matter where you live.

If you feel connected to this project and a calling towards the healing sound vibration of our Global collective voices, we would love to hear the sound of your AUM on the next Jaya Meditation recording.

 How? It’s super simple to do.

Open the “Voice app” on your phone or device.

Sing/chant your biggest, loudest, clearest OM (AUM) and email your voice file to:

It’s that easy!

We can only use the best quality recordings, so find yourself a quiet room without any background noise. If you have a microphone or Smartphone headset with mic, this will help.

Come on!

Record your OM and send it over!

Once the album is complete, it will be released!

It does not matter what country you live in or what language you speak.

It does not matter how old or young you are.

It does not matter how loud or soft your voice is.

It does not matter what your ethnicity or your religious beliefs are.

OM ~ AUM is available to everyone, and it is within each of us.

Let us create this next album together.

The album of our collective OM

Please note: Once you submit your AUM to us, your recording becomes our property. We will be recording and mixing the beautiful voices of our global community. We cannot return it. We have all the rights over the recording. Also note that your recording may not make it to the final album if the quality of the file cannot be used. Jaya Meditation has the final copyrights of the album.