“Would you like to contribute your “OM” to the next Jaya Meditation CD?

“Would you like to contribute your “OM” to the next Jaya Meditation CD?” Blog by Jacqualine Haller

Founder & Director of Jaya Yoga Toronto, voice/creator of Jaya Meditation and The Global OM Movement.

If you have read any of my BLOG’s before, you are probably aware that I am the visionary behind The Global OM Movement.  I invite people to share the sound of their OM with me. The contribution of their “OM” is included on one of my meditation albums.

Now it’s your turn!

Would you like to contribute an “OM” to the next Jaya Meditation CD?

Anyone can submit their “OM!”

Gather your family and friends!

Gather your colleagues at work!  Get together as a business or company!

Gather fellow students are your local yoga studio, chant “om” together and submit the sounds of your voices in unison!

You can even contribute your own voice chanting “om.”

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can contribute.  

Join us North and South America!

Join us, Asia!

Join us Africa!

Join us Australia!

Join us Antarctica!

Join us Europe!

Join us everyone, everywhere!

It does not matter what country you live in or what language you speak.

It does not matter how old or young you are.

It does not matter how big or small your voice is.

It does not matter your ethnicity or your religious beliefs.

It does not matter what you do or what you have done. 

“OM” is available to everyone, and it is within each of us.

Let’s co-create this Album together. 

What is “OM?” It is the most sacred of sounds. It is in everything that exists. It is the vibrational undercurrent that holds everything together, from the heavens to the earth and beyond. And while the vibration of OM is in all of us, it belongs to none of us. It (like us) is a part of the collective.

I look forward to hearing all your beautiful voices.


Jacqualine (Jaya!)

Please note: Once you submit your “OM” to us, it becomes our property.  We need to make that statement here.  We will be recording and mixing the beautiful voices of our global social community.  Once your “OM” is submitted to us, we no longer can return it. We have all the rights over your recording.  Please note, your recording may not make it to the final album if the quality cannot be used.  Jaya Meditation has the final copyrights of the album.

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